About Figure 8

Figure8 is an independent technology consultancy focusing on IT infrastructure, professional services, and cloud enablement


Our Story...

Figure8’s journey began in 2012. The founding partners had become tired and disillusioned with the state of the IT industry in New Zealand. Instead of sitting back and growing old and cynical, they decided to take action and Figure8 was born.

One of the biggest flaws they identified in the industry was the lack of independence among existing service providers. Figure8 was founded on the core philosophy of Independence.

From humble beginnings with a small number of enterprise size clients, Figure8 slowly but surely began to establish themselves as a player in the IT infrastructure market winning work based solely on their growing reputation to deliver projects with documentation of the highest standard, on time, and on budget never compromising on their independence. 

With no fixed offices in the beginning, meetings were conducted in cafe’s around the Auckland CBD and at client sites. As the team grew, this became problematic and in 2015, the central Auckland Figure8 High Street offices were opened for business. 

Today Figure8 continues to grow, but without losing sight of their core values. High Street is a hive of activity on a daily basis, and now the team extends into Wellington with a full time presence in the capital.

Our Performance

We've worked hard, and its paid off. We have a great track record, and it means everything to us. From tiny bits of work that you need doing at the last minute, to massive programmes of work that span a year or more, we've done it before, and we've done it well.

Our Founders

Bryan Thompson

Bryan is one of the founding partners of Figure8. He is known as someone who does not do things by halves, and is a perfectionist in all he sets his mind to. He is not a believer in multi-tasking, but believes in focusing in on the task at hand with 110% effort. Whether the task at hand is a meeting, surfing, or developing a cloud migration strategy, he gives it everything he’s got until the job is done.

Craig Liddell

Craig is one of the founding partners of Figure8. He enjoys the many facets of Figure8 from leading professional service engagements, to developing and tuning the finest managed services capability in the industry. He is an activist architect who strongly believes in progressive IT environments, where barriers are only in the imagination, and legacy IT infrastructure and costs are consigned to history.


Auckland Office

  • Level 7,
  • 5 High Street
  • Auckland 1010
  • New Zealand

PO Box

  • PO Box 105 364,
  • Auckland 1143
  • New Zealand



  • Phone: 0800 379 999

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