Figure8 is run by IT professionals. We are passionate about what and how we deliver. Our business is our reputation. We employ people who we trust. We distinguish ourselves through success.


Figure8 Managed Services (Evolution)

When Figure8 manages your infrastructure we're not interested in mediocrity, we want to run your systems like they were our own. We want to learn something new every day, and unlike most outsource situations we want to evolve your IT so that our BAU activities actually drag you towards your desired future state. We do this through F8 Evolution, Enterprise Architecture in a Managed Services Nutshell!

In layman's terms, we prefer to 'Race to the Top', rather than the industry standard 'Race to the Bottom'


 Benefits of F8 Evoloution

  • Backed by senior and experienced IT Architects and Project Managers
  • Totally independent support – we'll select the tools and products necessary based soley on your needs
  • Pricing is based on on the actual effort required and not on any legacy model based on meaningless metrics e.g. server counts

 The Cost of Compromise

  • Outcomes like role-based access controls and Windows/Office rollouts can be achieved through BAU processes saving you from costly projects
  • F8 Evolution means that every day in your business should be better than the day before – that is our promise
  • If you have any concerns about our service then call one of the Principals – you will have our mobile numbers

Figure8 managed services are unique in that they are directly led by Enterprise Architects. An EA writes your monthly report and highlights the kinds of feedback that normally you’d pay an arm and a leg for. Our Managed Services customers are never in the dark when it comes to important details about the age and support of their hardware, their licensing, exceptions to their EA strategy and actual risks raised against their infrastructure.

Our independence means that Figure8 will never try and sell you anything that you haven’t asked for. Figure8 refines their Managed Services offering every single month to reflect improvements that we have identified.

We’re pragmatic, we don’t over-bake monitoring solutions, we don’t ignore incidents, and we follow an Enterprise Architecture roadmap with each and every incident, service request and problem so that you never wind up with your infrastructure in a pickle. The only pickle you will see is the one on your gourmet burger when we buy you lunch.

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Auckland Office

  • Level 7,
  • 5 High Street
  • Auckland 1010
  • New Zealand

PO Box

  • PO Box 105 364,
  • Auckland 1143
  • New Zealand



  • Phone: 0800 379 999

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